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8 Questions to Help You Understand and Apply the Bible

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Sometimes the most important things in the Christian life can be the most difficult. That can certainly be true of understanding and applying the Bible. As believers we know that reading Scripture is essential to following Jesus. But if we’re honest, we often find it difficult to understand and apply. The Bible talks about so [...]

Finding Strength for the Storms You Face

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God Will Bring You Through by Chad Ashby How do we weather seasons in life when friends are far away, fair havens have faded from the horizon, we are storm-tossed at sea, and everything we need has been stripped away? You lose your job. You’re failing exams. Your home feels like a battleground. You’ve just [...]

Even in Our Son’s Death, God Has Been Great and Good

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No expecting parent is ever prepared to hear these words: “Your baby no longer has a heartbeat.” And the words the Holy Spirit whispered to me moments before I heard that doctor’s statement were the last words I expected to hear: “David, even if your son is dead, God is still sovereign, and he is still good.” On December 17, 2015, [...]

5 Things Every Christian Must Know about the Transgender Debate

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The transgender debate is becoming all-encompassing. Issues such as education, law, government, entertainment all fall in the crosshairs of the transgender debate, and our culture moves with such speed that working out how to respond seems overwhelming, if not impossible. So here are five essential things for Christians to keep in mind as we think [...]

How to Listen to Sermons

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by Christopher Ash ‘What a silly subject!’ you may say. After all, it would be pointless to write a booklet called How to watch TV. And listening to a sermon is easier than watching TV, because I don’t have to master the remote. It is passive, something that is preached to me, not something I actively [...]

Seven Principles for Angry Parents Disciplining Angry Children

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by Kevin DeYoung I hate to admit that the title of this blog post too often describes my household. I never (or at least it seems that way to me) lose my temper with my wife, my staff, or my congregation. But sadly, I too often feel (and act?) like that little Anger guy from Inside [...]

No, We Can’t ‘Agree to Disagree’ on Marriage

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Article by John Stonestreet Can Christians agree to disagree on our culture’s most controversial topics? Well, when it comes to certain issues, the answer is no. For years, a steady drumbeat of Christian pastors, musicians, and authors have announced they’ve “evolved” on the issue of homosexuality. Authors like Matthew Vines and more recently, Jen Hatmaker, musician [...]

Parents, Let Your ‘No’ Be ‘No’

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Article by Sam Crabtree (Pastor, Minneapolis, Minnesota) Although the Bible says things that are mysterious or hidden (like “a time, times, and half a time,” Daniel 7:25), it also says things that seem blatantly obvious (for instance, “where there are no oxen, the manger is clean,” Proverbs 14:4). Among the seemingly obvious things, Jesus says, “Let what you say be [...]

All of Us Sinners, None of Us Freaks

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Christian Convictions for the Transgender Age Beyond gender-inclusive bathroom debates, the transgender movement has enormous momentum behind it, forcing on Christians, whether we are ready or not, a number of truth-claims we must investigate. Tony Reinke, a staff writer for Desiring God, has penned an excellent, thoughtful and detailed article to help Christians as we respond [...]

Prayer, Persecution & Evangelism

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We live in a nation with a Christian heritage. For hundreds of years the gospel has been proclaimed and despite waves of persecution and opposition Christianity has been established in the very fabric of our land. There are remnants of the impact that Christianity has had, whether they be chapels, crosses or even statues of [...]