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Christianity taking hold in the City of London’s financial institutions

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When I worked in the City, I could see the spire of Christ Church Spitalfields from my desk. I liked to look at it as I traded – it represented something far from the grubby materialism of my day job. This was 2007 and the first intimations of the financial crash were being felt. People [...]

How Christianity is Growing Around the World

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In his book The Clash of Civilizations, Samuel Huntington predicts that demographics will decide the clash between Christianity and Islam. And, as he puts it, “in the long run, Muhammad wins out.” In this instance, Huntington is wrong. For the foreseeable future there will be many more Christians than Muslims in the world. As Professor [...]

The Anatomy of an Attack on Christians in Pakistan

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Did the attack occur just because he and his neighbours are Christians? Kala Jee Allah Ditta is crouching on the remains of his home in the Pakistani community of Badami Bagh, near Lahore’s landmark railway station. All that remains of the boundary wall is a jagged edge at each end. Broken masonry is strewn around [...]

Primary teacher job threat over gay marriage storybook

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A primary school teacher faced disciplinary action because she didn’t want to read to her class from a storybook about gay penguins. The teacher, who has not been named, works in a school in a London Borough and her case has been told to a committee of MPs looking the gay marriage Bill. Another teacher, [...]

Mass Arrest and Torture of Christians in Libya

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Last week’s news of four Christian missionaries in Libya placed under arrest, possibly facing the death penalty for “proselytizing,” is apparently the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday, Arabic media reported that over 100 Christian Copts from Egypt, who appear to have been living and working in Libya, were recently arrested in Ben Ghazi — also [...]

Finland rejects same-sex marriage Bill

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The Finnish Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee has rejected a Bill to introduce ‘gender-neutral’ marriage. professional writing The committee voted 9-8 against the Bill, which means it will now not be brought before the full Parliament. The Bill was proposed by Alexander Stubb, from the National Coalition Party which is part of the coalition Government. Legal Currently [...]

BBC compares treatment of gay people with the crucifixion of Christ

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Benjamin Cohen, the founder of a the gay publisher PinkNews, will tell Radio 4 listeners in a talk to be broadcast this week that, just like homosexual people, Jesus was punished “for something he couldn't help”. buy essays He will directly compare the sense of “abandonment” felt by people who come out as gay to [...]

'Still meaning in life,' says man with locked-in syndrome

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A man who has locked-in syndrome says it’s possible to “find meaning” despite being in a “shell of a body”. He wants to shift the focus of the assisted suicide debate and create a world where people like him feel encouraged to live. Stuart Hepburn, 61, has the same condition as Tony Nicklinson, who lost his [...]

Police chaplain 'forced out after criticising gay marriage'

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A police chaplain says he was forced out of his post after criticising the Government’s plans for gay marriage on his personal website, MPs have been told. Rev Brian Ross said he was summoned to a meeting with a senior officer and told that postings on his blog on the subject of marriage did not [...]

New North Korean leader more oppressive, say Christians

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The uncertainty that has surrounded North Korea's new leader Kim Jong-un is less uncertain now. According to Christian Aid Mission, the grandson of Kim Il Sung is making life difficult for Christians, which is far different than 100 years ago. In the early 1900s, Pyongyang was referred to as the “Jerusalem of the East.” Christianity [...]